Teaching English to Spanish-speaking staff

More than just "an English Program"

Run your teams on the powers of language & communication. We teach native Spanish speakers how to become part of your team through learning English.

Upgrade your service industry systems to address unheard problems, using Entrada's on-the-job English training for Spanish-speaking employees.

Empower confidence in communication, connect your teams, and delight your customers. Upskill staff and build a sustainable path of upward mobility for your team and your company.

Entrada is a cultural transformation!

Scale the change you want. 

Create opportunities for your Spanish speaking staff and see results.

Sign up before end of the year!

Increase your team's communication 


of participants increase understanding at work, creating an internal, promotion-ready pipeline.

Retain your employees longer


of graduates stay post program, maintaining and building your culture in a way that your customers feel.

Raise appreciation for your managers


of Spanish speaking staff report more affinity for managers, increasing employee engagement and improving relationships between teams.

Empower your staff with a voice.

''I can...

be understood.''

Working with social innovation leaders

Our clients scale social change

Supported by social impact trailblazers

Learn how to transform your communications and workplace culture by using English language training to upskill your Spanish-speaking staff while they work.

A program that returns its investment for you and your staff.

“Entrada will change what we now think of as language barriers in the workplace. Win-win.”

Stephanie Hantman, General Manager, Rent the Runway

Change the conversation.

Become a social impact leader.