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Hi, I'm Erin, Founder and CEO of Entrada.

I became fluent in Italian in my early 20s, despite having no exposure to the language before college.


"Strange,' I thought, 'that I could become fully fluent so fast, while people at home struggle with English.'

How did I achieve my goal of fluency?


Three primary reasons:

  1. I was living in the country where the language is spoken 

  2. I am highly motivated. And persistent as hell. (#founder).

  3. I had access to resources that enabled me to succeed.

The challenge was obvious to me. As a young girl, I was struck that lack of English meant fewer opportunities for education, reliable jobs, and overall success for immigrant families in my home town in Colorado. This observation was later proven by the Brookings Institute, which found that limited English speakers earn - on average - up to 40% less than English proficient peers.    

Compassion and curiosity keep me up at night.

So, I got to work. I learned my third language with an app, and ultimately became fluent in Spanish exclusively using tools from our TalkBack Method® - the exact toolkit we provide to our learners.  

Entrada is built for busy adults living in the country where the language is spoken.

The program’s method of daily practice, community support, and champions at work ensure high completion rates, confident learners, and improved relations in the workplace. It also increases community interactions. I'm thrilled that we've created a scenario where everyone involved truly benefits

We’re not just ready to break down language barriers. We’re breaking down barriers to what’s possible. Join us!

Creators and Contributors

Creators and Contributors

Synonyms: Expert, change-makers

Also see: Extended team, essential

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Erin Janklow

Founder and CEO

Karely Duran.png

Karely Duran
 Program Coordinator


Becky Holmes 

Strategy, Operations

aaron headshot.jpeg

Aaron Catrett


Reg Headshot

Reg Bautista 

Creative Design

Maga Urdaneta - Photo Gustavo

Maga Urdaneta


Abigail Headshot.jpeg

Abigail Bruhlmann 


Maria Headshot

Maria Virginia Rugeles


Geri Medina 

User feedback


Andrea Marval

Advisors and Mentors

Synonyms: Role-models and moral support

Also see: Inspiration, generosity

As the Founder of Little Pim and Million Dollar Women,  Julia shares a powerful mix of language industry wisdom and scaling insight to Entrada, encouraging us to think big. 

The Leadership Coach of all Leadership Coaches, Steve brings clarity, consistency, and constancy, providing frameworks and insight to prioritize strategic decisions.

Mary previously ran the Better Business Bureau, HR Certification Institute, and the Convention Industry Council. Her wisdom helps us set and achieve tangible, audacious goals.

Richard is an expert in client development and sales operations, sharing wisdom and strategy from his time at Business Talent Group and CEB, now Gartner.

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Let's build a more compassionate future.

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