Empower staff to learn English while they work.


English training that actually works.




complete new tasks in English

increase workplace understanding

use English in new situations

Develop and retain independent, capable, and confident staff.

A program your staff will love to use.



completion rate

Did you know? Industry average completion is only 15%. We guarantee 70%.

Take a break from English classes.

Have you tried the standards? You're not alone if you feel out of options.

It's time to go beyond the current standards by focusing on people, not classes.


Dedicated program coordinator creates community structure, building camaraderie on teams.


Employees practice speaking English daily and taking risks in a supportive environment.


Supervisors receive the tools and tips needed to engage and check in with employees. 

Invest in your team and get results worth reinvesting in.

Optimized to give you and your team more time.

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Integrate into your operations | Increase retention  |

Drive recruitment | Improve bottom line.

Conversation holding device


Maintain productivity standards | Support is low touch, high impact |

Enjoy high employee engagement.



Beginner to pre-intermediate speakers | Flexible for their routine |

Build career paths, together with you.

Implementation is simple. 

Supervisors receive a clear plan. We execute on details.


  • Distribute our engagement assessment

  • Sign up interested employees

  • Relax! Let Entrada manage all onboarding needs and language assessments

Program Launch

  • Employees work as usual. Staff interact with three 10-minute lessons per day 

  • Your supervisors support the team using Entrada’s tips and tools

  • Employees participate in on-site review sessions every other week, led by Entrada


  • Receive final language assessments and metrics on employee progress

  • Enjoy improved employee relations, customer service, and operations 

  • See employees interact with coworkers, customers and the community

This is the English program you've been seeking.

“I'm finally saying words that I've heard for years. Now, I can not only understand them, but I can say them too! I’ve never had a job offer anything similar.”