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We get results.

TalkBack Method® builds confident speakers.

Speak boldly and without fear.

Below you'll find samples of the program and video examples. 

Sample Lesson:

Pronunciation: Initial B
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Non-English speakers find it difficult to make certain sounds.

Note that instruction is given in Spanish, and learners are prompted to TalkBack® - or in this case, SingBack™ to our audio program. This builds muscles to improve pronunciation.

Pronunciation Practice

Why does the bear drink beer at the bar?

Hint: He's not looking for liquid courage to feel more confident speaking a foreign language.

Nor is he so frustrated with the learning process (or social distancing) that he's begun to drink alone.

He's helping our learners identify and distinguish common sounds that throw people off course, of course!

Staff will soon ask for sheets  (with no fear of saying 💩). Freedom.

Confidence is a problem. We fix it.

Learn while being productive.

Rosa learns English. She continues scanning products in a warehouse.

She maintains regular speed accomplishing tasks.

When Rosa is quiet, she is listening to prompts in Spanish. She practices the phrase,

"Do you understand English.'

Video_Rosa Working

Lessons integrate into workplace operations.

Engaging content creates engaged team members.

Fun activities build morale.

"Entrada provided a positive morale boost to a lot of people.

Sometimes, employees would come back from class and teach us what they had learned. One day they were singing songs that they had learned in English...It really lightened the mood.


Work can be very serious, so it really added a fun element that I was not expecting."


- Stephanie Hantman, Manager, Rent the Runway


" (2).gif

Eliminate fear. Expand opportunity.

Maria increased the customers in her salon by 70% - simply by advertising in English.

Said Maria of her new confidence,


'Before, I'm scared! Now, no." 

Lead the change.

Create a new status quo.

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