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Create a more compassionate future by enabling people from all backgrounds to communicate and connect with others. 

Conversations connect us.

Entrada redefines the future of work. How? By creating meaningful conversations in and out of the workplace between all staff members. We provide access to new language skills and empower people with the confidence to use them.

Day-to-day interactions with co-workers leave a lasting impact on people, and will transform your culture. 

To us, it’s simple: It’s easier to build relationships and engage with others when you can communicate with and understand them.

Core principles to our approach :

  1. Identify the root of the problem, and work to solve it. 

  2. Engage in conversations with compassion and respect.

  3. Approach daunting tasks one step at a time, paso a paso.

  4. Ask for help when needed.   

Graduates transform their lives 

through community engagement and increased earning potential.

Read how English has changed the lives of our graduates:

A housekeeper was promoted.

Her pay and responsibilities increased, and the hotel saved time by promoting an internal candidate.  

A home healthcare worker in New Mexico became a Certified Nursing Assistant after testing into the English-only course. 

A warehouse operations associate in New Jersey prepared for and passed her U.S. citizenship test during Entrada’s English training 

A beauty salon owner grew her small business by 70% by 
advertising to
English-speaking clients for the first time.

A bellman now responds to guest needs independently instead of seeking a translator. He connects with guests efficiently and meaningfully.

A housekeeping supervisor began placing lunch orders before department meetings, allowing her boss to focus on executive tasks. 

A manager empowered her team with English, realizing a goal she had long dreamed to improve team members’ lives and make a positive impact in the community. 

A nurse independently made a return at her local store - for the first time in 14 years -  in English.

Transform workplace culture.


Change starts with one conversation.

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